dudağı patlamak

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dudağı patlamak
split ones lip open
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Phonetic: "/splɪt/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A crack or longitudinal fissure.

Definition: A breach or separation, as in a political party; a division.

Definition: A piece that is split off, or made thin, by splitting; a splinter; a fragment.

Definition: (leather manufacture) One of the sections of a skin made by dividing it into two or more thicknesses.

Definition: (cheerleading, usually in the phrase "to do the splits") A maneuver of spreading or sliding the feet apart until the legs are flat on the floor 180 degrees apart, either sideways to the body or with one leg in front and one behind, thus lowering the body completely to the floor in an upright position.

Definition: A workout routine as seen by its distribution of muscle groups or the extent and manner they are targetted in a microcycle.

Definition: A split-finger fastball.

Example: He’s got a nasty split.

Definition: A result of a first throw that leaves two or more pins standing with one or more pins between them knocked down.

Definition: A split shot or split stroke.

Definition: A dessert or confection resembling a banana split.

Definition: A unit of measure used for champagne or other spirits: 18.75 centiliters or one quarter of a standard 75-centiliter bottle. Commercially comparable to 1/20 gallon, which is 1/2 of a fifth.

Definition: A bottle of wine containing 37.5 centiliters, half the volume of a standard 75-centiliter bottle; a demi.

Definition: The elapsed time at specific intermediate points in a race.

Example: In the 3000 m race, his 800 m split was 1:45.32

Definition: The elapsed time at specific intermediate points in a speedrun.

Definition: A tear resulting from tensile stresses.

Definition: A division of a stake happening when two cards of the kind on which the stake is laid are dealt in the same turn.

Definition: A recording containing songs by multiple artists.

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Phonetic: "/splɪt/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: Of something solid, to divide fully or partly along a more or less straight line.

Example: He has split his lip.

Definition: Of something solid, particularly wood, to break along the grain fully or partly along a more or less straight line.

Definition: To share; to divide.

Example: We split the money among three people.

Definition: To leave.

Example: Let's split this scene and see if we can find a real party.

Definition: (of a couple) To separate.

Example: Did you hear Dick and Jane split? They'll probably get a divorce.

Definition: To (cause to) break up; to throw into discord.

Example: Accusations of bribery split the party just before the election.

Definition: (acts on a polynomial) To factor into linear factors.

Definition: To be broken; to be dashed to pieces.

Definition: To burst out laughing.

Definition: To divulge a secret; to betray confidence; to peach.

Definition: In athletics (especially baseball), for both teams involved in a doubleheader to win one game each and lose another game.

Example: Boston split with Philadelphia in a doubleheader, winning the first game 3-1 before losing 2-0 in the nightcap.

Definition: To vote for candidates of opposite parties.

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Phonetic: "/splɪt/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: Divided.

Example: Republicans appear split on the centerpiece of Mr. Obama's economic recovery plan.

Definition: (of a short exact sequence) Having the middle group equal to the direct product of the others.

Definition: (of coffee) Comprising half decaffeinated and half caffeinated espresso.

Definition: (of an order, sale, etc.) Divided so as to be done or executed part at one time or price and part at another time or price.

Definition: (of quotations) Given in sixteenths rather than eighths.

Definition: (London stock exchange) Designating ordinary stock that has been divided into preferred ordinary and deferred ordinary.

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Phonetic: "/wʌnz/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The digit or figure 1.

Definition: The neutral element with respect to multiplication in a ring.

Definition: A one-dollar bill.

Definition: One run scored by hitting the ball and running between the wickets; a single.

Definition: A joke or amusing anecdote.

Definition: A particularly special or compatible person or thing.

Example: I knew as soon I met him that John was the one for me and we were married within a month.

Definition: (leet) Used instead of ! to amplify an exclamation, parodying unskilled typists who forget to press the shift key while typing exclamation points, thus typing "1".

Example: 2003 September 26, "DEAL WITH IT!!!!11one!!", in alt.games.video.nintendo.gamecube, Usenet

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Phonetic: "/wʌnz/"

Part Of Speech: pronoun

Definition: (impersonal pronoun, indefinite) One thing (among a group of others); one member of a group.

Example: Any one of the boys.  The big one looks good.  I want the green one.  A good driver is one who drives carefully.

Definition: (impersonal pronoun, sometimes with "the") The first mentioned of two things or people, as opposed to the other.

Example: She offered him an apple and an orange; he took one and left the other.

Definition: (indefinite personal pronoun) Any person (applying to people in general).

Example: One’s guilt may trouble one, but it is best not to let oneself be troubled by things which cannot be changed.  One shouldn’t be too quick to judge.

Definition: (pronoun) Any person, entity or thing.

Example: "driver", noun: one who drives.

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Phonetic: "/wʌnz/"

Part Of Speech: pronoun

Definition: Belonging to one.

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Phonetic: "/wʌnz/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A senior or first team (as opposed to a reserves team).

Definition: The cells located on the ground floor.

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Phonetic: "/lɪp/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: Either of the two fleshy protrusions around the opening of the mouth.

Definition: A part of the body that resembles a lip, such as the edge of a wound or the labia.

Definition: (by extension) The projecting rim of an open container; a short open spout.

Definition: Backtalk; verbal impertinence.

Example: Don’t give me any lip!

Definition: The edge of a high spot of land.

Definition: The sharp cutting edge on the end of an auger.

Definition: One of the two opposite divisions of a labiate corolla.

Definition: The distinctive petal of the Orchis family.

Definition: One of the edges of the aperture of a univalve shell.

Definition: Embouchure: the condition or strength of a wind instrumentalist's lips.

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Phonetic: "/lɪp/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To touch or grasp with the lips; to kiss; to lap the lips against (something).

Definition: (of something inanimate) To touch lightly.

Definition: To wash against a surface, lap.

Definition: To rise or flow up to or over the edge of something.

Definition: To form the rim, edge or margin of something.

Definition: To utter verbally.

Definition: To simulate speech by moving the lips without making any sound; to mouth.

Definition: To make a golf ball hit the lip of the cup, without dropping in.

Definition: To change the sound of (a musical note played on a wind instrument) by moving or tensing the lips.

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Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: Not closed

Definition: Not physically drawn together, closed, folded or contracted; extended

Example: an open hand; an open flower

Definition: Actively conducting or prepared to conduct business.

Example: Banks are not open on bank holidays.

Definition: Receptive.

Example: I am open to new ideas.

Definition: Public

Example: He published an open letter to the governor on a full page of the New York Times.

Definition: Candid, ingenuous, not subtle in character.

Example: The man is an open book.

Definition: (of a formula) Having a free variable.

Definition: (of a set) Which is part of a predefined collection of subsets of X, that defines a topological space on X.

Definition: (of a walk) Whose first and last vertices are different.

Definition: (of a file, document, etc.) In current use; mapped to part of memory.

Example: I couldn't save my changes because another user had the same file open.

Definition: Not fulfilled.

Example: I've got open orders for as many containers of red durum as you can get me.

Definition: Not settled or adjusted; not decided or determined; not closed or withdrawn from consideration.

Example: an open question

Definition: (stringed instruments) Of a note, played without pressing the string against the fingerboard.

Definition: (wind instruments) Of a note, played without closing any finger-hole, key or valve.

Definition: Not of a quality to prevent communication, as by closing waterways, blocking roads, etc.; hence, not frosty or inclement; mild; used of the weather or the climate.

Example: an open winter

Definition: (Of correspondence) Written or sent with the intention that it may made public or referred to at any trial, rather than by way of confidential private negotiation for a settlement. (Opposite of "without prejudice")

Example: You will observe that this is an open letter and we reserve the right to mention it to the judge should the matter come to trial.

Definition: Uttered with a relatively wide opening of the articulating organs; said of vowels.

Definition: Uttered, as a consonant, with the oral passage simply narrowed without closure.

Definition: (of a syllable) That ends in a vowel; not having a coda.

Definition: Made public, usable with a free licence and without proprietary components.

Definition: Resulting from an incision, puncture or any other process by which the skin no longer protects an internal part of the body.

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